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Welcome to Bible Life Ministries


Dr. Enock Sitima is the founder and Director of Bible Life Ministries. He received the call of God upon his life in 1981 and has been moving in the light of his calling since that time.

Enock Sitima is a Malawi national and strongly moves in the apostolic anointing in the body of Christ, which is evident in all facets of his ministry. He travels extensively around the world with the gospel of salvation and the preaching of uncompromized word of God with emphasis on building God consciousness through the teaching of biblical principles of success with emphasis on specific areas of life.

About Us

Vision of the Church

Promoting spiritual growth, training, development, promoting family strength and spreading the gospel worldwide.

Before Jesus gave the great commission to His disciples, He had to first develop them spiritually  (teach them), train them and bring them together in spirit of brotherhood. Bible Life Ministries is seeking to obey the Great Commission of Jesus by having focused vision.

Mission of the Church

Transforming life to God’s kind of life and success.

The principal mission of the Church is to transform lives of people to God’s king of life and success. This is done by the established structures of the Church that you are about to discover.

  • Children's Church
  • Youth Ministry
  • Woman's Ministry
  • Men's Ministry

Latest Updates

  • 13th- 17 November 2013
  • Theme: Becoming Beautiful
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